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I have recently seen, featured in an old HOW magazine, excerpts from the identity system used by Murrell Design, the company that was credited with the signage programme of 1996 Atlanta Olympic games. Two issues: do they have a web site [are they still in business?].all search engines returned no results.
second story: they use an unusual typographic scheme consisting of Template gothic for body copy and a script typeface [not sure: Bickham ?] for captures and headings. It really looks amazing. Do you have such examples of unusual typographic combinations?

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hi everyone,
It seems some messages get a lot of answers, some don't. I am quite new here, I don't know what to do to get people's attention. But I am getting back with the question, since I am launching my design agency in a week or so an I am not sure on the corporate font.
Three major design consultancies in US ( method, methodologie and liska ) use AkzidentGrotesk LightOsf with an amazing succes ... would it be a good idea to take the travelled way?
I guess the only thing I know for fact is that LdG Sans or Mix is overused, Sun is somewhat too narrow for my taste, and I would like the font with enough weights to insure a high degree of contrast and with old style figures.

Any ideas? Thanks a lot...

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I'm new here also, but people are really nice on this forum, in general.
It's extremely difficult to give opinions about how a designer could choose to present her/his onw firm, since its our most personal output.

Just a couple of thoughts: of course individual taste matters most, but never forget that you are presenting yourself to your clients.
Perhaps some more info from you could help.

What kind of design do you intend to focus on?
How would you like clients to PERCEIVE your firm?
Do you want your typographic choices to suggest "cuttting edge" or "built to last", just to make an example?
Are you planning to have an "all American" identity to focus mostly on American clients or are also considering other countries' tastes?

Personally I woudn't base my choice on what other designer choose for their firms, or what do you rate is most used or overused.
It's ok to be aware of other people' work, but ultimately, always start from asking yourself what you want your firm and your design to represent, and your choice will come naturally from within. And once you choose: go for it. You will KNOW that it's right, even if you decide on a currently not popular typeface.

That said, the connotations your characters will have for other people are what you should always keep in mind, IMHO.
So I think you made a wise choice to ask opinions on this forum. Maybe, consider posting some visual examples and ask for feedback.
I did it in the magazine design post and people have been extremely helpful and supportive.
Also, maybe show some drafts to non-design friends and family, and learn from their reactions. Likely not all your future clients will be design aware. I think the gut reactions our work provokes in other people are always interesting and worth noting.
Ciao from Milan.

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Revising my posting, you are absolutely right ... I will soon be providing some visual support for my request. Thank you and stay tuned :-)

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