Roundish typefaces

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Hello typophiles

Could you mention some typefaces like the one that follow in attachment?

ULTRA ROUND is that the name of them?
Like this too

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VAG Rounded Black (maybe with some extra fatness thrown in for good measure). There are other similar fonts as well.

And no, there are no consistent terms. You'll sometimes see 'rounded' (usually to describe the strokes' ends), fat (generally descriptive), etc. etc.

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+More Black
+Closed Counters

please… :)

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I very much doubt that the counters on the A's are really closed. They're not on the R or the O. I also think that much of the 'blackness" is an artifact from the very low resolution copy of a half-toned image.

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Yes, you're right!

But I need some typeface really black, really fat and really rounded; another example

Fábio Santos

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