Positioning logomarks on business cards

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Hi guys,

Ive been wondering about how other designers center-position their logo marks.

Most of the time, I myself treat the entire logo incl. subtag as a block, placing that block slightly higher than 'dead center'. It seems more visually appealing to me.

What's your take on this? Do you go by mathematics, purely by sight, is there a general consensus, any set rules, or does it vary on the logo you are implementing?


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If it looks good it is good.

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Always by eye.

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The optical centre is indeed higher than the mathematical centre, but then again a logotype shaped as an upside-down pyramid might even things out because a pointed shape is optically smaller (lower) than a squared shape (like the apex of A that needs to ascend slightly above H to look equal).

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Indeed, I agree with all of you..

For example the card I am working on right now has a large wordmark with a subtag which is in a subtle color and doesn't bring much 'weight' to the overal composition, therefor i think it doesn't need to sit much higher. I would place it slightly higher if the subtag was more substantial.

(card will be screenprinted on tick black paper, wordmark white, tag gold foil)

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It may look different in black/white/gold, but to me, "PROJECTEN" looks off-center, but not enough to appear to be deliberate. It also looks disconnected, but the tail on the /R does tend to push it away. I'm disturbed by the slope of the trim on the left leg of the /M. My eye keeps trying to make it parallel with the \R's tail and failing. Just my two centimes.

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I would be more concerned with the letterspacing of the wordmark.
It is uneven—scrunched in the middle and tenuous at the left, contradicting the symmetry of the layout.
It’s a mistake to make a single feature in the middle of the word, which is not where the intial attraction should be.
Was just mentioning Cassandre’s YSL logo in another thread:

Now, this style of letterpacing might not be au courant, but at least the density is evenly distributed.

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