Gravur Condensed, look alike as webfont

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Hi All,

Working with Gravur Condensed for a client but they don't have a web type solutions that is any good. Can you please come up with a similar typeface like that that have a good web type solution? I know that i have seen it before but can remember...

I have been told helvetica rounded are similar but i dont agree...


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There are a few on Google Font Directory. Depending on settings required (all caps would be easier).
Anyway, I don’t think “Type ID Board › Solved IDs › Sans Serif” is the right place for such a request.

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Okey. Sorry maybe someone can move it?

Do anyone have any good suggestions of typo?

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maybe someone can move it?

You. Using the "Edit" link.
Dosis, Miso, Bryant Compressed.
It also depends on how many weights you need.

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