Typography in fashion magazines

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I'm a graphic design student at Politecnico di Milano and I'm writing a short paper about typography in fashion magazines for my type design class.
I have a 2007 eye magazine article and an interview to the creative director of Harpers Bazaar, but I'd like to read more of this topic before I start writing.
Does anyone know any others articles-essay-anything topic related?

Any observation is welcome.

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What time period? Contemporary? Display or text typography, or both?

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Headline stuff or body copy?


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Joshua Langman : contemporary and text typography.
5star: everything. from the cover to the pics captions. all that it's text in the magazine.

It will be like a comparison between monthly-issued magazines (such as vogue or harpers bazaar) and season-issued magazines (the gentlewoman, fantastic man, acne paper, self service, metal, wad, the last magazine)


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