Foundry/service with most consistant cross-platform web fonts

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Are there any foundries/services who's fonts seem to render best across all platforms (Windows/Linux/Mac/Mobile)? Who puts extra care into their webfonts?

I realise this is subjective, and there are browser samples available on most services. However, I am after real world / behind the scenes insight if possible.

Thanks in advance.

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The web site has this overview of the major web fonts hosting services. It does not contain the exact information you are looking for but could be a good starting point.

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That's a tall order. "All platforms" also includes all applications, rendering engines, color selection, and video driving software within those platforms, all technologies used for display devices, and even completely uncontrollable factors such as ambient lighting. I think that the quest for the holy grail would be simpler!

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What kind of insight are you looking for?

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Sorry, just to clear up by cross platform I just meant cross browser including mobile. I only use Apple/iOS devices with any degree of regularity – I don't have the experience to know what webfonts perform well on other platforms. I am sure not all webfonts are created equal...

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AFAIK, "Webfonts" are standard fonts that have been made accessible/usable by web pages without users' ability to store/save/copy/pirate them. Some have been converted to other formats (e.g., EOT) to achieve that purpose. General use is still in its infancy.

Your response doesn't affect my comments; browsers are just a subset of "applications". And where is the line (if there is a line) between 'webfonts' and e-reader fonts? If there is one, it won't last very long.

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