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hi all, my name is iwan and i'm a new comer on this forum..
now i'm working on a logo for SiqmaQuatra. SiqmaQuatra activities is exporting and importing goods. i'm looking for suggestion and critique for this logo.. thanks

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I like the play with the negative space. But I think the type has no character. It might sound obvious, but try FF Signa instead.

BTW, what about putting four sigmas together somehow, maybe as four sides of a square? I would look like a snowflake (maybe too much like the Utah Olympics one?), assuming that's relevant - your colors are pretty chilly!


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i like hrant's suggestion about the snowflake of sigmas.

and you should definitively drop arial; Signa is a great font, and i would test a geometric sans like Avenir, Kabel, or Proxima too.

finally, you could also reconsider the position and proportion of the text (i think it could come under the logo, left-aligned with the Q) and reduce the tracking.

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thank's for the critique about the type they come helpfull..
i'm fully agree too with the snowflake... but my client didn't like it..
but thanks again..

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