Is $40 a reasonable price for this?

Eimantas Paškonis's picture

Can't decided between that and $30. Because I'm in favor of underpricing. Family would sell for x+x/2.
Spacing isn't the greatest.

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Just go to your account on myfonts and you can set up promotions online

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To me, having a sale on something every 6 months and then having it return to its normal price is a far cry from pricing something originally at one price, and then after that lowering it forever.

I definitely still plan to have sales on Mob in the future. Absolutely. But I'm never going to change it's non sale price.

The mind of the consumer is not so dark. You are one yourself. We all are.

I'm sure you have tons of opinions on the pricing of merchandise that is not your own.

It's just a matter of removing yourself from your product emotionally and then asking yourself honestly, as a consumer, what you think of it.

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Agree on some points, disagree on some others.

But in any case thanks warmly for the inside info.


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"I remember doing work for U&lc, [] Their per issue typography budget for photo-type was $35,000."

[Note: this was a service but ITC didn't have to pay for font products]

"$30, $40 ,$50 per font? We are all a bunch of pikers"

[Note: this is a product but users automatically get about the same "service" as in the olden days]

A font back then cost several hundred dollars and the typographic service required back then would cost $100,000 per issue today.

"Wow. That amazes me. We are all pikers these days."

Lol, if you keep your apples and oranges straight, and assuming you are employed, you can stay well off the pike!;)

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I think after the promotion ends, I'll make std. version free and make pro version a lot cheaper.
Even though I never liked changing prices, I have nothing to lose. Some money and exposure is better than none at all.

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I think if you really want to make something free, it should NOT be something that you've previously sold. If anything, this could lead to people choosing not to buy future releases on the off-chance they'll too be offered for free later, and it will definitely annoy the people (few as they may be) who paid for it in the first place.
Instead of making the standard version free, consider making a free demo version - even less character set than the original standard, maybe even with letters missing or replaced with your logo - then customers could play around with that and possibly decide it's worth their while 'upgrading' to the standard or pro versions.
You have a decent typeface here and to give up on it so soon would be silly (IMO). Plenty of my first fonts are pretty bad and never really sold that well, but even now, every now and again, one sells. A lifetime of selling the odd one is way better than a short blast of giving away thousands.

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The best publicity you can get for a font is getting used by some large company or product.

Wait for it. Joe Nicholson's Prosper font lied there for almost 5 years before EA picked it for their FIFA franchise, and now it's nowhere to be found (but highly sought after).

As for me, I will certainly keep it in mind in the "interesting" tab, once a project comes and the font fits in, I'm game. The font is very cool, Eimantas, I would be proud of making such a good job.

Best of luck, and keep it coming.

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Too bad one can't survive on pride alone...

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Very few can survive on type design too ;-)

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Good lord, it’s almost as bad as being an artist, actor, writer, musician or dancer, or, for that matter, an Olympic athlete!

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Sometimes a typeface just doesn't connect with the audience. My latest has been featured on the myfonts Facebook page, Typedia blog, heavily promoted on Twitter and is on offer, but just not selling. Sometimes you have to just accept it and move on.

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