Classic Venetian, lightly slabbed

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Looking for a font I've seen before. A venetian slightly slabbed in it's serifs. Very much like Emigre's Vendetta, but not as calligraphic. Of course when I Google "classic slab serif" I get everything from Clarendon to Lubalin Graph. This has a very classic look.

Attached is a crude sketch, but shows the slab, somewhere between a classic serif and a slab.

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Thank you, but Vendome is far too calligraphic.


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FF Absara? Or even more classic?

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Augustin may be what I saw. I know there's variations on this however.

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So you're looking for a sheared wedge (AKA slanted slab) serif font?

Was the x-height large, normal or small?


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Here is the font in question. Any ideas?

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Looks like some version of Arnhem to me.

- Herb

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