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Attached are logo comps that I will be showing this week. Mainly want feedback - I have a clear favorite, but I want to see what others get out of it. All four are very similar because there is a pretty clear brand image and visual style we will be utilizing based on all of our work up until this point. What sort of feel/energy does each give, what kind of company (personality/values) does it relate?

The old company was called On-line Services, their old logo featured a globe with a satellite. Their old tagline was "Meeting the needs of today and tomorrow". They have nothing to do with the internet or telecommunications (beats me). Their services are varied and many but the main offerings are Staffing, Engineering Support, and Document Scanning/Records Management. (Yes I know - try to wrap your arms around all that and more). However - the owner is very entreprenural and every year seems to add new services. Generally he is quick to market and somehow grabs niche clients that have made his business very successful. But they need a change. Their current identity says nothing about who they are or what they do - in fact it says all the wrong things.

The company is in a high growth mode right now expanding into seemingly unrelated venues and this new logo will not only be unveiling a new image, but a new name as well. The idea was that with such a broad service offering the company name had to be broad and non-descriptive. Yet it needed to encompass the feeling and personality of the company and be memorable. It was decided a metaphor name with a descriptor (at least at first) would be the best way to go - also helping it to stand away from the pack of ScanTecs and other similarly named companies. They wanted something that had its own wings. The name kitestring was born out of a sense of support (one unifying theme), friendliness, and ease of use (yeah flying a kite isn't always easy, but once its going it seems that way, you know - its a "breeze")

As we roll out the logo there will probably be subheads for each division which will disappear further down the road as the brand becomes more established in our market. (Ie. kitestring Techhnical Staffing, or kitestring Medical Records Management) I will most likely indicate this in a smaller maybe italic type beneath, somewhat separatd.

The tagline we are using for them is "Support for companies that soar" Still somewhat generic, enough to encompass what they do - yet it gives a feeling and it positions them as being business to business.

The new look will be very clean - with tons of whitespace - the idea is to elevate the brand from its current identity.

To see the old and ugly click on

here is the new and hopefully less-ugly

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Well compared to where they were before,these are all a huge improvement.

From my standpoint I think 2 and 3 are the contenders. 2 is good, not because of the swoop (which isn't stringy enough for me) but because it seems to match best the range of services these guys offer.

I like 3, especially if the kite was larger and somehow indicated the string part...I like orange and blue. It would be nice to see something in the technical arena with some serifed type.

If pressed I would choose 3 because it is just beyond the conventional in that sector. If 2 was chosen I would be less excited though confident that the mark would work well.

1 isn't asertive enough. It seems too whimsical, and 4 far too sedate and doesn't feel like the kite is flying. It really just looks like a word with a diamond.

Good luck! Let us know how it goes.


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Hugh #3 looks somewhat like the travelers umbrella. I like the simplisity of #4. Kitestring is what it is one word and the diamond shape reminds me of the kind of kite I used to fly as a kid.

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I'm partial to number 3, but I would like to see a similar type treatment as number 2. The main reason for this (and you took care of it in the colour variant of #3) is that on first glance I didn't know the word, and read kit-estring. I feel that the word is obtuse enough that defining the base words will make it more readable and enhance the name.

Great name, btw. Nice work.

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i like the colors and symbol in #1, however i do not like the look of the type.

i do not like #2 because of the helvetica over-usage in the world, and the arching line is reminiscent of the swooping logo era.

my favorite is #3 because the symbol is geometric but not symmetical on a vertical axis, and quite beautiful. the asymmetric position of the symbol is good. the type is refreshing for the word kitestring and fits well. only thing i'd say is that the orange and blue Kix colors are way to generic and trite.

#4 is good, but too simple of a symbol i think. and it's just slightly off centered, making me want to shift it to the center or further to the right. i just can't see that one being a classic logo or something people will talk about. the color combo is nice though. also, there's no separation in the gray word kitestring to indicate that it's not pronounced "kit-es-tring".

i agree that it's a good name, but some people will read it incorrectly - especially the black and white versions. the only BW one that attempts to separate kite from string is #2, but the type weight change is also unfortunately overdone.

good work!

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Thank you for the back story on your designs and name change. It's well thought out and your logos make sense to the scope of the project. Your work is a huge improvement over the rather common place earth with orbital elipse they had previously used.

I too like solution #3 best. Your kite icon is simple but easily recognizable. Say the word "kite" and practically everybody conjures up a mental picture of a diamond shaped kite. Your bat wing kite, although less obvious, is a much more interesting shape and when you see it, there is no mistaking it for anything else but a kite. Excellent, unique solution. It also speaks of thinking outside the box and creative solutions, which I will assume are other qualities your cllient wants to emphasize. And I especially like the kite's relationship to the the type (The curve of the back wing of the kite relates nicely with the curves of the bowls and ear of the g).

Although all of your versions are quite nice, the kite and it placement on #1 and #4 seem just stuck on (I don't want to say haphazzard because that's not quite right, so I'll say less interconnected than #3 and even #2).

I was so drawn to your colored versions I couldn't figure out what was bothering me about the black and white ones. As I read the other critiques, I realized that the different colors helped the readability of the logo and in black and white that element wasn't carried through. With the exception of #2 where there is a slight weight difference. But I think you will need to push that difference even more for it to be obvious, especially when printed at smaller sizes. The easiest (and most consistant with the colored versions) would be to create a value change for the word "string" and the kite icon (or 1/2 of the kite icon).

My very first reaction to your logos was that you didn't show the "kite's string". After viewing them for a bit and thinking about their design. I believe your omission is best for the overall design. Keep it Simple. Do I need to see a string illustrated? No, I do not. Your solutions are elegant in their simplicity - well done! I'm curious to learn what your client selects, and how you incorporate the tag line with the logo.

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Hi Hugh
I don't know if you're still looking for feedback, but:
The new name is great... did you think of it?
I, too, like number 3 best. The shape of the kite also looks kind of like an arrow or computer cursor/pointer. The kite shape's contrast of curves vs. straight lines creates an energy that's not in the diamond-shaped kite. I really like it... I hope you'll tell us what develops with this.

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Have you tried any versions where the ear of the "g" curves back around to become the kite's string?

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I like #4 the best.

It's simple, direct, and sobre.

I would just try to make an interaction between the kite and the type. Now it kinda just sits up there. I really love the typeface of #4 ... it's professionnal while being relaxed and fresh.

besides that ... i like #3 .. while maybe I would do a mixture of #3 and #4 ... the logo in #3 is really well placed better than #4 ... I would put an old style "G" at the end of #4 .. it could help the mouvement.

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#4 is my favorite too - nudging the kite to the right to have the t anchor it like a string would reinforce its "kitie-ness"

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Wow - thanks everyone for your input. Yes I did come up with the name - glad you like it. My favorite and my first solution was number 3. After that they were created in this order 4,2,1 thats also the rank I tend to place them in. I feel like #3 can work the hardest on its own (symbol wise) as the delta shape is unique to mainly kites, whereas the diamond is universal. I like the clean-ness of 4 but overall I feel like #3 matches their personality - they are a pretty friendly group of people.

I toyed around with strings for a pretty good while before I decided to let it drop. If you think about it - in the frame of visual reference that we have a string would pretty much be a straight line as it would be held taut - only over a larger area does a curve become introduced - all of my early sketches bore that out - when I showed a straight line it was boring - a curved line made the kite look like it was veering out of control and ready to fall. Finally I decided that simpler is better - the kite string in effect becomes replaced bythe word it also becomes that which the company provides kinda fill in the blank.

I am actually surprised bythe fact that in single colors the word is still not clear, but I agree that could be an issue (though one I didn't foresee) I guess when you know what it says its hard to catch that kind of issue - thats why you need good designer friends to provide another set of eyes. I will think about a way to provide that contrast and definition without breaking the integrity of the logo. On the other hand - the single color version will rarely if ever be used out of context - it will mainly be seen by people who have at least been introduced to the company via two color logo. (Single color would be on faxes, ephemera, etc.). However - I do want to make it as strong as possible.

So, based on the response to # 3 (my favorite also) I decided to present that one alone with the other 3 as back up. That was a scary thing for me as I usually present a barrage of different ideas with a whole set of collateral ideas for each, but I was so certain I wanted to stand behind the strength ofthat mark. Thanks for helping give me the courage. I was a little uneasy
going into the meeting with one set of boards - but in the end it was the right way to go.

The company liked #3 unanimously so it will go through a final bit of tweaking, perhaps (scott as always your suggestion is insightful and clever - and I will haveto give it a try).

Until then I will upload these two PDFs. One is a brand book - this is the firstintroduction totheir logo theysaw - kindofthe unveiling - I doubtitwill ever be produced (especially since many ofthe comp photos are rights managed and they just don't have those bucks. It is moreto give a personality feeling for the company. The second PDF is stationery, an ad, etc. again very raw to introduce them to the brand.

application/pdfbrand booklet
kitestring booklet.pdf (259.1 k)

kitestring collateral.pdf (211.6 k)

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Scott - I tried it - brilliant idea - it seems to give the logo an extra lift, provide an extra sense of connectedness and Ithink it makes the logo smile. I reallythink I like it better (see graphic below)

Does anyone notice any letterspacing/kerning issues on the logo? I know we have some amaxing experts onthose issues in this group.g flip

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This stuff is great. The last version of the logo you show is excellent. To my eye it looks pretty nice. I would see if the kerning between k and i should be increased a tiny bit.

Your book is great. If you do that level of production for presenting an idea, I can imagine your committment to the rest of the project.

Way to go.


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