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i have just realised the message didn't go through the last time. :-(
ok, once again . . .
hey people! :P
i have been asked to redesign the logo of a karate club owned and operated by my girlfriend's father sensei dusan dacic.
here is their old logo

old logo

and here is what i was thinking (only one idea, in different versions, since this is the one i think i'll go with)

new logo

as you can see, i have tried to immitate japanese letters with latin ones. can you read "YKD"?

suggestions please...

this is really a hard one for me! :D

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The right column of marks looks like, "CYKA" to me.
It's a strange effect, but I read the D as an A in all of them.
Try rounding the right side of the D just a bit.

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ok man, thanks for the feedback.
i'll wait a little for more comments if anny appear, then i'll go to shaping the logo up.

i appreciate your honesty,

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Dragan, tell me more about the art and history of Karate. Don't just make a design for design sake. Make it reflect the subject with respect to its history and its discipline.

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yeah it's a very good one.
i made a similar graphic to it some 4 years ago.
I gave it to my girl's dad, he showe the design to his printer who was supposed to make tshirts with the dragon graphic. the deal went sour so they never printed it.
only to my suprise i saw my graphic in some karate equipment catalogue, yes, you can guess from here, it was printed on tshirts. :-(

i'll get you that graphic, i just have to find it.
this is a good reminder, but i was actually trying to get away from the dragons in martial arts cliche, at least here all the martial art clubs have a dragon in some form in their visual identity.

i'll go find that dragon now.

heh : dragon-dragan, haha :-)

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