Serif typeface to go with Egyptian Slate

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I need a serif font that just fits nice with Egyptian Slate typeface:

I also use Slate (sans)

Thank you very much in advance!

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I think Design or General Discussions are a better place for such request.
You can move the thread using the Edit link.

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Hrant, a pretty bold move pairing two slabs...

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Frankly, I'm not good at font pairing.


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I usually pair serif heading with sans body, or vice versa. If you really need to go with a serif, how about Caslon?

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@riccard0 – It could have been worse. My favourite, PT Serif, is a slab, IIRC.

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Egyptians were originally (early 19th century) the bold for Scotch, which makes sense as a pairing, because unless your accompanying serif has high contrast, there isn’t sufficient distinction between one serif face and the other.

However, if your display face is a bold Egyptian, you can use just about any serif style for body text.

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Thanks for answers and clarifications.

I think Utopia suites up nice.

Also, Laurentian, from same designer of Slate works well.

The mentioned Egyptian is used for some bold headlines and uppercase captions.


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