ID of newsprint fragment

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I would like to get an ID on the fonts and symbols used in this fragment of newsprint.

This ID is with a view to dating the fragment.

I know it is beyond the scope of this site, but I would also welcome any suggestions about what it all means!

Age is unknown, but it was found in Australia.

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This may be a dumb question, but why? Do the “symbols” have any significance, or are you merely curious?

What I see—which may not be correct—is CA2, 3 and 1...

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Must be a legal matter, concerning the age of some pivotal piece of evidence.


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The type style for the letters shown appears to be what in the late nineteenth century would have been called Antique, primarily because of the single serif on the C and the straight vertical serifs on the E...

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Thanks for that suggestion.

Any idea what the symbols after the letters represent?

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Any idea what the symbols after the letters represent?

Without more to go by: not a clue—could be subscripts, could be batch numbers, could be press run identifiers, could be secret military code, could be a bored typesetter…

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That's all I have to go by, I fear. So I think I shall call it a day and remain clueless.

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The paper appears to have a high woodfibre content. That structure could indicate something from the late 19th, early 20th century. If it is quite brittle that would confirm this.

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