Ascender length in sans/serif fonts

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Hi folks,

Does anybody know of a sans/serif family where the serif has taller ascenders/descenders than the sans? I'm considering this option for my own font, but I'm afraid it might take away the unity.

Cheers! jasper

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Good question.

One thing to note: the difference between varying the proportions so the two appear the same, versus look clearly different. From your other thread I assume you're looking for the former, although both scenarios are worth learning about.


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I'm looking for an example of them appearing clearly different, but, as you said, both sceneraios are interesting.

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The concept of mixed sans/serif families is fairly new (eg something that has started in the last decades). Earlier examples are in the line of what Frutiger did: using an existing sans or serif family as a starting point for a variant serif or sans. If I recall correctly the block serif Serifa shares a lot of basic forms with Univers.
Another example of this procedure, but maybe more controlled is what Martin Majoor did with Scala. He first did the sans and the serif a couple of years later.

I don’t think you will find a lot of examples.

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