Class Kerning Discrepancy

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I'm putting together an OpenType font with a lot of glyphs. Extended Latin, Small Caps, OS and Proportional Figures. I have the class kerning worked out to my satisfaction and my VFB file has 1,061 pairs.

After I generate the OTF and open that back up in FL, the kerning pairs have ballooned to 22,445. And I see that several of my kerning classes have disappeared.

Is this typical? I don't see anywhere in the options where I asked FL to expand or flatten the kerning.

What is happening to my carefully organized classes?

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FontLab Studio 5.1 up to 5.1.2 build 4447 has a bug: it expands class kerning when opening an OpenType font. This problem has been fixed in build 4549:

However, build 4549 has other problems of its own, so I'd recommend KEEPING your current FontLab Studio version installed (as described in step 2 of the installation instructions in the article linked above). Then, install build 4549, run it, open the OTF, save as VFB, and then continue working in your previously installed build.

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