Schmeichel Slab

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Hey guys,

Does anyone know these two slabs?

Thanks in advance.

All the best

$(KGrHqN,!pkE8W)m--QTBPLV4TwB2Q~~60_35.JPG14.87 KB
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Having a look to some font tags at MF could be helpful, you may probably find some: College, Varsity, Athletic

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Thanks Ryuk, I had a look at all them with no luck :(

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Not exactly the same, but a series targeted at this niche…

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That's very close, thanks oldnick!

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Here's some named sports fonts which all look alike (with a wrong M) for some reason.
Jaffe, Eriq Sports Fonts/NHL Edmonton
Jaffe, Eriq Sports Fonts/NHL NY Islanders
Jaffe, Eriq Sports Fonts/NHL Chicago
Jaffe, Eriq Sports Fonts/NHL New Jersey

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Amazing, thanks DPape!!

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