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I'd like to ask for some advice. I'm a musician studying Composition. I love design and typography, but I ultimately abandoned it to focus on music.
I've been using Minion Pro as the text font for my self-edited scores and drafts. I find it gorgeous: the regular is clean and great looking, the bold has presence, and I'm particularly enamored with its italic. However, I'm not sure where I got it. I don't know whether it came with my Mac or if it came with an Adobe product, since it was developed by Adobe. I'm guessing the latter.

I'm in the process of founding a music publishing house. I would be in charge of handling directly with the music, and responsible of establishing a "house style", a consistent design to use across all of our published scores.
Taking that into consideration, what would I need to be use the font professionally? Is there any licensing I need to take care of? Are there similar fonts you would recommend?

Thank you in advance for your replies!

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This doesn't really answer your question, but ... it might interest you to know that it's also the font that Durand/Salabert/Eschig use for their scores these days too. (In case you want to avoid looking too much like anything else.)

I think it's a rather lovely font as well and have used it in scores before (my job insofar as I have one is typesetting music - mostly for specific publishers who already have their own house style and therefore I just use the fonts I'm told to use, but for my own pieces or for things I've done 'privately' of course I get to choose what I like, usually) but ultimately I decided it was a bit too light for my preferences. Partly this will also depend on the music font/symbol library you are using, which then also depends on what software you're using as well.

I haven't exactly established my own publishing house (would be very fancy to call it that) but I have over a long time worked out for myself a detailed house style that I now use for all the projects I do for myself, including of course my own music. The hardest bit was finding the perfect text font to use; I could tell you what I decided on in the end, but then I'd have to kill you, obviously.

Nice in any case to see a kindred spirit here!

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Luis, unless you remember your copy of Minion having been paid for you should indeed purchase a license from Adobe.

BTW, one nice thing about Adobe is that they allow modification of their fonts (but of course not their redistribution) in case you need to add any special symbols concerning the typesetting of music.


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Thank you for your reply! Nice to see a "kindred spirit" indeed!

Durand is using it too? Maybe that's why I was drawn to it. I find it very effective. Given yours and hrant's kind reply, I'll keep on using it and I'll see into getting that license.

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The hardest bit was finding the perfect text font to use; I could tell you what I decided on in the end, but then I'd have to kill you, obviously.

Why? As far as I understood, this ‘perfect text font’ will be used for projects of your (upcoming) publishing house. Doesn’t publishing imply making the materials set in this typeface publicly available at some point in time? Won’t everybody be able to just see then which typeface you chose? Just asking …

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BTW, one highly musical font is the duly exalted Rialto:


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If Minion came with some Adobe software that you bought, I don't think you do need to buy a separate license. I should think as long as you can identify where you got it from, and that it was bundled with something from Adobe, that's enough. If it came free, though, it probably doesn't have all the weights anyway, which you may want to buy.

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Minion Pro has been bundled with Adobe's Creative Suite, so you may have gotten it that way. (Don't know if it's bundled if you buy the applications individually.)

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It also could have come with Reader (which you didn't pay for).

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