Brendel Informatik 5

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These two fonts are called Reporter Light & Bold on the CD. Note the midlevel crossbar on the f & t.

The bold variant has ink traps in the M,N,V & W. In the M, especially, these traps are really deep and yield the ugliness seen in the image. Happens in (inkjet) print as well. I assume the typeface hails from pre-digital days then, correct? I'm not sure why the bold g looks distorted. It's not like that really. I'll have to open it up in my font editor and check it out.

Look familiar to anybody?

Oh, and Mike ... I received my "Modern Encyclopedia of Typefaces 1960-90" today! Nice reference book. Thanks for recommending it. It's doubly useful because now I have Berthold specimen images that are actually useful (unlike the Berthold Web site/PDF images).

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This is what I found in my Solotype Catalog, I think it could be the same, but that "f"...

* BTW, I am sure he doesn't remember but was Mike Yanega the one who recomended me The Solotype Catalog long time ago, thanks Mike.

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I believe now that is Binder Style, I did not check before the Jaspert, Berry & Johnson encyclopaedia.


** And what about the "f" of Solotype?

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I've been looking for that one for quite a while already,
months, maybe years. Funny it pops up here. My goodness,
look at what they've done to the UC 'A' and 'K'...

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