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I have received a Word doc from a client with a word displayed in a phonetic alphabet font (see attached sample). I can't seem to find a font on my Mac OS 10.6.8 running InDesign CS 5.5 that will match the characters. I would have thought the OT version of Minion Pro, for example, would work, but no joy.

FWIW the font used in Word is listed as HiraMinPro-W3, which to me indicates it is at least sourced from Minion Pro. Maybe I'm just a gumby and can't activate the required set through the Open Type dialog in InDesign?

Any suggestions?

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Minion does not have IPA phonetic characters (unfortunately!), and the font you show is not Minion. Times New Roman, among other system fonts, does. My preference is Gentium, which you can download for free online.

Here, for instance:

[Edit:] Actually, on second thought, Minion does have what you need for this one word, if you hijack the Cyrillic schwa:

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HiraMinPro W3 has nothing to do with "Minion Pro", it is the Japanese font Hiragino Mincho Pro W3, which is included with every Mac OS X, so you should certainly have it.

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Thanks guys, I managed to make do with Times.

I'll now go back and look into your suggestions.

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When installing OS-X I believe the Japanese fonts are installed by default but you have the option to not install them, so if you can't find them you may need to go back to your installation disks.

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