Best/unique ampersand

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Hello guys, i have a project coming (a logotype), and need a beautiful ampersand in it, so can you show me the best ampersand design in a font? thanks

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Some ampersand fonts & not only(see below).

1. Ampersands
2. And So Forth JNL
3. Coming Together
4. Haäfe & Haph Ampersands
5. Poetica Ampersands

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What do you mean by "beautiful"?


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aaahhh @sans sleep @ ricard0 thank you

@hrant what i meant by beautiful is *how should i put it? perhaps not usual, i want to show you by attaching pictures, but i don't understand how :(

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@cmon_liam: Where do you go to school & who are your design/typography teachers?

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I'm a fan of the Trump Mediaeval Italic ampersand.

I was wondering whether many people won't recognise that style of ampersand though?

The 'et' is clear, but have most people forgotten that connection? Do most people only 'get' them from context? I sent an image to one of my friends with only that ampersand in but he didn't know what it meant until I sent another one showing "Jack & Jill", where it was recognised in context.

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@sko: You will probably like this one (Sorry, I know it's mine ;-) :

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Eka, use the “insert image” link below.
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@sim I like it! Were there any reason in particular for drawing it in that way? is there a historical style it's made after or just aesthetic choice?

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The french ampersand comes from a contraction of an /e an a /t to get the /et (and &) in english. That said, all aesthetic choice is open and up to the designer. You could find the way I've drawn my ampersand in other typeface too (Meridien italic for instance). Also, an ampersand is called “esperluette” in French, but only few people knows about it. Everybody calls the ampersand key “et” according to its common pronounciation.

More to read here :

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My latest Ampersand passion was designed by Pedro Leal (DSTypefoundry). Look At it here , and promote that event typophiles!

I think you all will love that &!

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You’re right, it makes my head spin!

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Good one!

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Way late to this party, but thought I'd mention Radio from vllg.

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Nice one Dan!

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Another one from Yomar Augusto

Look at this beauty
Fábio Santos

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