No antialising when size is bigger than 30px

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After something unknown happened, my font doesn't get anti aliasing when it is set on size bigger than 30px. Anyone experienced sometning similar?

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Can you give more details?

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Yes, I just didn't know what would be relevant in a case like this.

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In TrueType font 'gasp' table gives you control over grid-fitting and antialiasing at pixelsizes.
Probably your font have entry for sizes bigger than 30px with no-antialiasing flag.

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Found it, but no... Plus it happens when I save it as otf also.

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Is it systemwide, in some apps or just one app? (Assuming it is an installed font)

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Found it.Many of my draft characters sat next to each other in one glyph, and that's what's been pissing fontlab off. 10x anyway

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