Rat Rod High Arch Old Style Lettering

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I'm sure this is hand lettered on the car, but do any of you have an similar suggestions? I looked at Big Top at Letterhead fonts which is similar in style but not arched enough, not as dramatic.

I'm trying to define what an R would look.

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Blackthorn is very close, some characters seem to match even.

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X and O/0 (5 and 3 not so much) are similar to Blackthorn: http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/scriptorium/blackthorn/

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Dave Nalle's Blackthorn numbers don't have the same feel as the alpha characters.

Better matches are:

Stowaway (Rick Mueller), based on Castaway as seen in the Solotype catalog

CassTaylorSH (Soft Horizons), possibly based on a Foster & Horton font, possibly a clone of some unknown font, certainly almost impossible to find)

- Herb

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Stowaway helps. Thanks Herb.


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