All glyphs lacking Unicodes (i.e. NULL) in FontLab-generated font

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Dear Typophiles,

I've modified two glyphs in a ttf "pi" font. Trying to use the generated font, I see the glyphs in InDesign's Glyphs Palette, and I can insert the one I want - but all the Unicodes are "NULL". Probably because of this, when I try to change my character style to use the new instead of the original font, I get missing character boxes in ID.

This happens whether or not, having opened the original font in FontLab Studio 5.1.1, I do Generate Unicode followed by Generate Names - though when I do that, the Unicodes are correct in the font window (as they were in the original font).

I have used preferences that, based on the FL manual, seem appropiate for doing minor mods to TT fonts. What am I doing wrong? Any ideas?

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Do you have it set for symbol encoding?

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Sorry HVB, I assumed this thread was dead.

The encoding field says MS Windows Symbol; I haven't changed that. Its's a Windows font and I'm editing it on the Mac. Is that relevant?

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