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Hello, I'm developing an app for type enthusiasts, on the Android platform. Perhaps it will be of use to artists, designers, or anyone who just loves type.

As of now, the user can:

  • display samples of all font files on the device ending in .ttf or .otf, with the exception of fonts located inside other application bundles. This does include the system fonts.
  • display the contents of the font file's "name" table (see or This contains copyright, licensing, designer, manufacturer, and other information.
  • grow or shrink the sample text and apply bold, italic and underline styles to it.
  • apply custom background and text colors
  • download font files of interest into a local collection. A custom, integrated browser eliminates the need to use a file manager. Zip archives are handled transparently. A bookmark list is implemented and pre-loaded with a few font sites I know of.

    At present the name of the app is not final, the features may change, and the artwork could use improvement. I'd be grateful for suggestions about what might be needed or just be cool to have, and feedback about what I have so far implemented.

    Some screen dumps are attached.

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    Please add me to your interested parties list
    jason (at)
    Let me know if you need beta testers.

    Jason C

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