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The AG logo is missing the correct alternate and ligature glyphs.

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Hopefully, it is also missing a lawsuit over copyright or trademark rights.

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The original (magazine) logo would only have worked in this context as an outline/cloisonné treatment—but that would have been quite interesting.

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I'm actually not a fan of the actual Avant Garde logo. But I think the font Avant Garde, especially bold, is one of the best fonts ever made. Also, it's EVERYWHERE right now.

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Lubalin was a Futura man. (He used it in the AG magazine after the logo had been made, before he extended it into a typeface.)
Here’s how I figure he first conceptualized the magazine logo:


It was the density of adjacent stems in AVA that prompted him to duplicate the effect elsewhere, hence the lop-sided A, V &c., and the scrunched up digraphs NT &c.

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Yeah those lopsided letters and the overlapping G and A totally ruin it for me. I'm glad they don't appear in the font. (though maybe they are there as alternates, not sure)

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