A List of Font Choices for Five Specific Purposes

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I’m sure some of you will groan, but this kind of thing is so useful for us type-novices. Here’s a list of five vague design briefs. Name - off the cuff - one or two fonts (body / text?) you’d choose for each. Could be a classic or a little-known modern gem, something which obviously fits the brief, or something weirder.

1. A book of contemporary poetry.
2. A poster advertising a left-wing demonstration.
3. A minutely detailed, finely illustrated, copiously footnoted but slightly quirky miscellany.
4. A world war one strategy boardgame (cover, pieces and instructions).
5. The kama sutra, a new translation.

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This type of thing can be fun, but personally I'm mostly wondering where it's coming from.


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Hrant, I sympathize with the original poster. This is designed to be a learning experience, not fun. I, probably like the OP, have spent time on this forum looking at lists of font suggestions (for an adventure novel, or a cookbook, or spring-themed poetry, whatever) trying to figure out why the suggested fonts are appropriate. It's just something you learn a little at a time. This seems like a useful exercise.

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4 would have to be fette fraktur

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I can dig that. I just worry about doing somebody else's homework.

1. You know how they used to use Italics for poetry? http://typophile.com/node/93061
2. Fidel is cool. Or maybe: http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/fontfont/ff-primary/
3. Something French. http://www.fontshop.com/fonts/singles/bp_swiss_typefaces/sangbleu_bp_ser...
4. Something musty. http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/linotype/president/
5. FF Pitu and/or Fenland and/or FF Avance.


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Thanks for posts so far - fascinating. Note that I’m not asking for homework or any other study but interest in fonts and the preferences of my betters. I can only give my word of course.

My own - again, off-the-cuff (and amateur) - choices would be:

Stuart Pro (Perhaps insane?)
PAG Revolution with Outsiders (although not sure of combo)
Skolar (is this becoming a modern cliché?)
Wagner (although not sure with what)
Rama Gothic with Granjon

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Okay, I’ll play, although it will show how old school I am:
1. Syntax
2. Neuland
3. Goudy Oldstyle
4. Fette Fraktur
5. Journal

1. Helvetica
2. Helvetica
3. Helvetica
4. Helvetica
5. Helvetica


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I’m tempted to play (suggesting my own types, of course) but it’s really too much work to do properly—chooosing typefaces involves a lot of thought and experiment. For one project, perhaps, but not five.

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Not what you asked for, but you’ll learn more this way. Take it with a grain of salt.

1. A book of contemporary poetry:
A serif, not to strict (with room for some passion), probably humanist (venetian or old-style), fairly low x-height (long extenders) for more leading.

2. A poster advertising a left-wing demonstration:
Sans serif, harsh, rough, certainly not delicate or “corporate”, grotesque and bold (filling as much surface as possible, grabbing attention) or geometric (industrial)

3. A minutely detailed, finely illustrated, copiously footnoted but slightly quirky miscellany:
If it includes long texts: A somewhat “invisible” serif text face (between old-style and transitional) with optical sizes. Optionally a text face with a structurally matching sans-serif for notes.
Otherwise: I might also consider a somewhat “invisible” text sans with optical sizes and/or very close weights (closer than most contemporary families).

4. A world war one strategy boardgame (cover, pieces and instructions).
A strict text serif (prob. transitional or veering towards modern if still readable), possibly matched with a rough grotesque or geometric sans serif for shorter stuff and for contrast. I’d also consider throwing in a display face from the time period.

5. The kama sutra, a new translation.
No idea.

Add to that the needs of the content: emphasis, language support & other technical challenges.

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The two people who might conceivably purchase these items (your mum and her friend) really won't care which font you use. :-)

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I'm disappointed by the left-wing demonstration font choices. I live near and work at a university campus in the UK and there are various protest posters up all the time - they are always terrible. People with no design sense trying to be radically avant garde. The font choices above reflect the same: "harsh, rough ... grotesque and bold (filling as much surface space as possible, grabbing attention)" as frode frank said.

Here is an example from a campaign currently running where they have used this typeface not only for the website/logo but for smaller sizes like 20pt with long lists of speakers. Unreadable.

I would use a thick but contemporary, humanist, readable sans serif like Meta Headline. The left, at least in the UK, needs to reclaim clarity and implicit humanism from the establishment.


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From somewhere way up in the kop:

1. Junicode.
2. Pilsen Plakat (TMg).
3. Equity.
4. Old Standard and Fette Kanzlei (TMg)
5. Baskerville.

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If you believe your left wing demonstration is all about gentle love for the humanity, maybe look at some display faces with a humanist touch? It might be mistaken for something else though: The radical left style guide is kinda semented.

In general, humanist designs are less display-geared. IMO this is one of the philosophies of the modern/grotesque genre: closing up and filling the surface.

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Thanks all. Particularly Frode Frank and Moniker 42 - and I completely agree with Moniker 42’s point. In this light I see my own choice for the poster as something of a cliché - and nothing is as useful as to witness one’s own reflexive blindness.

(wondering from Frode Frank, which humanist sans are display geared? +Are there soft humanist Impact or poster-font style fonts out there?)

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Quite a few here: http://fontfeed.com/archives/extra-bold-ultra-black-fonts/

Just to be clear: A humanist can certainly have display qualitites, but at its roots the structure is intended for text. I think so at least. Perhaps others disagree.

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Intended being the key word...


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