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The text I've set in Baskerville appears, to my eye and in this layout, to have a hyphen slightly too thick and long. This is the automatic paragraph hyphen I'm refer referring to. I think it might be be less disruptive in the instances it occurs if reduced in size by 15% and tracked closer to the last character. How to even try this, or is this 'typeface crime'?

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Which Baskerville?

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No crime, but certainly a lack of the digital Baskerville. -> related

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> How to even try this

Are you using InDesign?

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Perhaps obvious, but you can break apart the text into individual words, that way you can make the hyphen whatever size you want without effecting anything else.

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Sure Ryan, and every time the text re-flows you can start all over again. Manually breaking words by inserting 'hard' hyphens is not a good idea.

One that is good (well--better than Ryan's) is that, much to my surprise, in InDesign you can apply a GREP style to ... the discretionary hyphen!

It does mean that you have to replace InDesign's own breaking points with (uh) manually inserted discretionary ones, because it seems the one that ID inserts is seen as "something else" (and on pure technical grounds one could argue that's a bug). But the advantage is that (1) if the discretionary hyphen is not used, the GREP style is not applied either, and (2) if it is used, you can style it however you want:

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Here is one in Apple's Baskerville (don't know if that's the one you are using), scaled vertically to a mere 25%, horizontally to 50%, and moved up by 3.2pt to match the en-dash at its left.
You can also see this GREP style fails to pick up the automatically inserted hyphen at the bottom line.

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