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This is for a design firm focusing on historic interior design, with their main style being early 1900s Arts & Craft, Art Nouveau, etc. The designers are women, however they don't want to alienate male clients, thus do not want anything too feminine.

The san serif for Daunte is set in stone. Please don't critique that. Please don't critique the name. Or kerning. However, I'm looking for opinions on the script. Does the overlap work? What about style of script? Any thoughts on the script with the san serif is appreciated, or suggestions for better scripts.

What about the color scheme in #2? The others are just randoms.

The logo will be a text only logo. However, at times it may be set over the ornate watermark. Too much?

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Sorry, can't help it: the style of "DAUNTE" is right on, but the spacing is too uneven, and some of thin strokes (especially in the "T") are too thin.

As for the script text: the names are idiosyncratic enough that you need extra legibility, and the style on the left is too out there. If you go with the style on the right, you just need more space on the left of the ampersand.


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The script names on the left are a little hard to read. And I'm not sure that any of the script names will remain legible if the logo needs to be printed in a very small size (as most logos are occasionally). One workaround would be an alternate version (with larger script text) to use in small-size situations.

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Thanks for your comments. So appreciated!

Overall, what is your thought of using a script? We want a big contrast with the San Serif. I initially used a Goudy serif for contrast, but it didn't seem to have enough pizazz.

I like the right side font better - it's Prosperity - however, I don't think the w is a good starting point to the names. It doesn't capture my attention and lead me along.

What are your thoughts with the script and watermark?

Attached below is Alana script. I like it's legibility, however feel it's too feminine. Thoughts? (Don't worry, I know spacings are off - these are just images copied from the font previews. Kerning is yet to come.)

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I think options 3 and 4 are working better than 1 and 2. The problem I have with the overlap is that there isn't much overlap between the two lines of text, making the current arrangement a little unsure of itself. I'd suggest trying to accentuate the overlap so it becomes a real feature of the logo, or perhaps ditching it altogether.

And agree with JamesM, you might have problems with reading the script letters as the logo gets smaller.

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Overall it's not bad. It seems that the top of your DAUNTE type has been cut off, that’s why the horizontal bar at the top seems too small, the bottom is better. I would redraw the DAUNTE typeface to give a more rounded look without the oblique cut on the /T/E. I don't think Alana script is too feminine but I would try an ampersand smaller as the one we find in the Minion italic. Keep going.

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