First, Favorite, Font, (500 px wide).

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Letraset was one of the first things that got me into type. I love watercolour painting, and one day about 25–30 years ago, while I was looking for porcelain mixing trays at the local art supply store, I noticed a stack of these “Letraset” catalogues. I was bored, so I picked one up, leafed through it, and noticed page after page of different types of letters. I had no idea there could be so many. And that was it. From that day on, I pretty much took that book with me everywhere I went. I covered it in clear packing tape to stop the wear, and I even wrote my name and telephone number on it in case I lost it, so some kind soul would return my valuable book to me. Believe it or not, I was a little awkward and nerdy as a kid. First, Favorite, Font, true story.

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I remembered Times Roman from "The Codebreakers" by David Kahn, and I liked it very much there (11 points).

And then there was Venus Extrabold Extended, from the Transogram 52 Games Treasure Chest from my earlier youth... but that didn't lead immediately to an interest in typography.

EDIT: Searching for images of the typography of "The Codebreakers" led me to a news item about a recent Bletchley Park reunion that led to my adding descriptions of the SG-39 and SG-41 cipher machines to my web site.

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edited my earlier post the add a pic I couldn't find until now.

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