Need to identify this chunky 70s "easy listening" font...

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I'm trying to identify this font which I appears on a number of albums from the seventies I have. These are mostly cheapo easy-listening or kids' LPs, but I've also seen the font on late 70s soul and funk albums.

Any help appreciated. Thanks!

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It's similar, but not the same. Notice the "P", "R" and "S". It seems to have been used quite frequently in the 70s, so I'm very surprised that I've not yet been able to identify it at all.

Any other ideas anyone? I need to get hold of these asap for an album sleeve...

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The Wayback Machine says: late 1970s=pre-digital era, which means you are most likely looking at a phototypesetting face, which may or may not have been digitized.

A likely candidate is various weights of Photo-Lettering Inc.’s Republic. House Industries bought PLINC’s entire collection, and they offer some of the faces online, based on the old pay-per-headline model. Last time I checked, Republic wasn’t one of their offerings, but things change…

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