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I'm doing research on those who design band posters, cd covers, and the like for school (University of Wisconsin-Stout) and was wondering if anyone would be able to give me a lead to individuals &/or firms who focus on such things. Thanks!

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GigPosters is a good place to start, and you can also check out the site of someone I know who does a lot of posters locally (San Francisco area).

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Check out Aesthetic Apparatus. They're in the Midwest, too...

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That Aesthetic Apparatus site rocks. As someone who just wasted $80 hoping to be inspired by what turned out to be horrrrrendously overrated, overpriced Graphis books (I got them at a deep discount, and they weren't even worth that), that AA stuff gives me reason to hope that good poster design still lives and thrives.

Thanks to Jessica for starting a great thread.

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Apropos of completely nothing: through a series of mental leaps for me, "Asterik" became "Aster Rick," which became "Star Rick," which became "Rick Starr," which probably means nothing to most of you, but if you've spent any time on the University of California, Berkeley campus in the past 15 years or so, it will mean something. Exactly what, I don't know, but something.

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One of my favourites

Also check out a friend of mine

More quality stuff
The intro books sampler and sampler 2 pop art and contemporary music graphics,
are also well worth a look at .

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Hatch Show Print Company (?)... is that right? Venerable poster firm... I first read about it in an in-flight magazine of all places...

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One of the best examples of a perfect symbiosis between a graphic designer and a record company still is Vaughan Oliver and V23's work for 4AD. Mindblowing stuff of an unearthly beauty. Try to find a copy of This Rimy River. Mesmerizing.

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Whoops Nathaniel, overlooked your link. ;) You can tell he's one of my favourites too. :-)

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Oh, please, don't forget Reid Miles and Blue Note records covers:

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The Designers Republic anyone? They did a lot of music covers and posters, and the incredible Warp Records website amongst others.

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A friend of mine, Frank Miller (, is doing more and more underground rap album covers.

Check out for some of his stuff.

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Recently Jonathan Barnbrook designed the cover of the last David Bowie Album, Heaten, using two custom typefaces of his own creation. One of them, Priori, is to be released soon by Emigre.
The use of photography is fantastic, also, and everything is so beautifully tied with the album themes.

Anyway, the biggest examples are Vaughan Oliver and V23 as mentioned (see examples in Typography Now also, and don't forget The Pixies' covers), Neville Brody (for Cabaret Voltaire and many others; samples on the Graphic Language of Neville Brody book by Jon Wozencroft), Gareth Hague and David James (even the Alias typeface Metsys is loosely based on the System 7 band logo), Me Company and the Designers Republic (fantastic covers for The Orb, and above all The Shamen; Matt Perkins even did a typographical remix of The Shamen's original logo, in the form of a mind-numbing typeface which you can download at the Typography in Decay webpage).
I'm sure I forgot a lot of others.

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Jon Wozencroft may be the only designer who owns his own record label, Touch. He also designs all the album covers.

And let's not forget Peter Saville and the Factory Records.

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Thank you everyone for your input! I am now overwhelmed...

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Vaughan Oliver German Alter Ego :-)
(a rather boring site,alas... but the Spark-Book is well worth checking out)

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Damn. My post didn't post in which I mentioned AA and Asterik.

The second studio is very talented, but I wonder if they
meant to call themselves "Asterisk". Oops.

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