Andron Uncials in progress

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I have been working on uncial letterforms belonging to Andron for years. Maybe, its time for a release?
For a 1st preview please look here.

(image upload not working – )

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I like Uncial - glad to see you on it!


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Latin, Greek, Coptic and Gothic (so far), sure you don’t leave things half done!

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Perhaps that letters that are still cap form (/ONS/ sticks out in hamburgefonstiv) aren't "uncialed" enough? /S/ could be wider, and I would even try a top-heavy version (as you see in some insular scripts). /N/ could have a serif-life extension of the diagonal at lower right instead of the neat angle (or what about a humped form more akin to /m/?)

Maybe move the join of /T/ further right?

Descending beard of /G/ could use some strengthening.

I don't know enough about the other scripts to comment on specifics but they look nice!

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> sure you don’t leave things half done

Oh but I do. Andron is a big torso.

Craig, thanks for your comments. Youre certainly right upon the t (this is always a tricky one). I’ll see what to do with the others.

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It's beautiful Andreas, will there be a webfont license to it in the future?

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Perhaps. (I have not yet dealt with webfonts myself so far …).
Please get back if you have some specific need.
And thanks for the compliment.

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