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I'm new to this. I have searched the web and found a million pointers on how to choose a Logo & typeface, so much that I'm more lost than before my research, so I decided to ask someone who knows what they're talking about. Here it is:

I am starting a new small business selling personalized gift baskets, and later on, I would like to open a small concept store to sell different items created by friends and myself (custom jewelry, gift items, small revamped pieces of furniture...), all items will be ecological. The name will be "Basket Case".

I would like to create a logo with a script/handwritten font, and use a Serif font for body texts (brochures, letters...). The mood has to be classy, have character, and convey the image of something personal and thoughtful. (not looney like the name suggests, more like "crazy about making your gifts special").

Would anyone kindly point me in the right direction as to the following:
-A script/handwritten font for the logo
-A Serif font that goes well with the one for the logo
-Headers and Titles (would it be good to use the logo font, the text font, or a third one).

Once I get your replies, I'll design the logo and post it for your reviews.

Thanks a million!!!!

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Consider these:



And/or since you might end up needing Arabic (although it's Maghribi style):

If you're sure you want a serif face, you might need to make a total break from the "handwritten" styles above and shoot for a strong contrast. If you go this route please consider this (which BTW renders great onscreen):

One other thing: I can see you're a designer of sorts yourself, but you might be better off hiring a designer specifically experienced in typography and identity work.


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Just wonder how far off the beaten track does Basket Case want to go? Fabrizio is a 2011 display face with traditional roots and modern playfulness...



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@hrant: Loved Olicana. I'll see what I can come up with.
I wont be needing arabic at all. Sans serif I feel are a bit too formal/not soft enough, do you agree?
As for hiring a professional, I'm trying to do as much as possible myself, for the feel of the whole thing. If I hit a wall, however, I'll definitely seek professional help.

@5star: Nice font! but i'm looking for something a little more romantic

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There are very many flavors of sans! Check out Beorcana for example:
But I'm not sure it matches Olicana.

You might also consider a semi-serif, like this peculiar one:


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Parfait is happening. Romantic strong playful and classy, comes with a whole bunch attitude swashes etc...


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Thanks for the mention Hrant. I'd go for the 'Fine' style if I were you Spinchette.

Edit - if you do buy it please go here for it:

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if its inspiration your looking for, i'd recommend checking out doyald young's work (google, design blogs, and of course his personal website). his skills of producing both hand drawn and digital logotypes and scripting are phenomenal.

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