NotSoSmallcaps for Cyrillic?

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A post by Maxim in another thread* has got me thinking: should smallcaps -and maybe even the full caps- in Cyrillic be taller than in Latin? Since the lc looks very cap-like. Wouldn't such a variance make sense even within one font that supports both Cyrillic and Latin? And if you make them taller, should you also make them narrower?


I'm naturally inclined to vary as much as possible between scripts, and this is yet another reason it makes sense, so I'm curious how people who'd rather see consistency between scripts would counter this.


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Hmm, I'm racking my brains trying to remember which typeface does exactly that. I thought it odd when I saw Cyrillic small caps a different size to the Latin ones. Haven't seen the full size caps done differently though. Interesting question, consistency isn't the same as conformity...

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Irina Smirnova wrote about this in the booklet for her final project at KABK, named Laterica. Not sure what the conclusion was, though...

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