when you search "beautiful letters" on google you will find that great one from 1946. but what is that font? pls help!

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it is a best handwriting i ever seen..

here is link..


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As you said, it's handwriting. The kind made with a fountain pen.
It's not a font.

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A letter from 1946.... I do mean to be rude but, what is that font? how stupid are some people?

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It's possible that the original poster is just communicating poorly (while obsessing about the handwriting) and is asking about the letterhead font. That quirky letterhead works well with the lawyer's careful handwriting.

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Maybe someone should make a font based on the sample.

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Nick, there are ways to read what somebody meant even if they fail miserably. :-)

He wants a font that looks like that.


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Renaissance Man, i agree

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hrant, thanx mate.. you answered nick cookie for me..

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But do try not to fail miserably.
See the wording here: http://typophile.com/node/92768


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If the quest is, indeed, for the typeface used in the letterhead (and how deliciously ironic is the name “Unfug” for a lawyer), my money is on Barnhart Brothers & Spindler’s Greeting Card, a reasonable facsimile of which is here…


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