The Glyph Cell Origin "bursty"

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What does this bursty thing do? It seems like some kind of origin. It stays put when i change sidebearings, and I can move it around. But for what? Should I care for it?

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Read the **** fontlab manual.

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Read the f-u-c-k-i-n-g fontlab manual.

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I dislike reading manuals as well ;-)
It's the zero point and yes, you should care about it. It defines the character position.

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That's not the zero point. It starts off there by default, but it’s an assignable reference point. You can put it where you want.

The second set of coordinates in the info area of the Glyph window show the relation to the reference point.

And several transformations have the option of performing in relation to the reference point.

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Whoops ;-) Corrected by Kentlew!

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No need to, I got my answer from the non rude folks here. Thanks Jean and Kent!

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@bobdigi: LOL! Grow a brain. There will come a day, farm boy, when you'll wish you never met me.

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@Breda: May I kindly suggest you read this thread, subheading "Be Courteous"? And this one, subheading 2?

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@Jean Paul Beumer: You may suggest I read those, but your suggestion goes up in flames. Here on the internet the mob rules. Typophile's custodians are toothless and not even watching, and they don't care what happens. Nobody is at the wheel. You're riding in a driverless bus packed with idiots and a few bright sparks.

Courtesy is appropriate for people who make an effort. Robert Digito, an American and a lazy, lazy little boy, has his effortless future mapped out for him. But he has a bad habit of leaning on people. Typohpile's best and brightest would not answer his question. Only idiots like Jean come to his rescue.

Jean every time you tell me off makes me stronger. It has the opposite effect to your intent. You're feeding me. Thank you for feeding me. I don't know what I would have done if I had remained on those hot coals, burning my pretty flesh.

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Here on the internet the knob rules.



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Typophile's custodians are toothless

Cause of death: mauling.

May he rest in pieces.


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You're riding in a driverless bus packed with idiots and a few bright sparks
...and one objectionable prick.

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