Unknow font any help would be appreciated

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this is my current banner i made it with windows paint about 2 years ago it was defult for 7 or vista

i need this font for my new logo any help would be nice i spent 6 hours looking for it online

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I couldnt find any revalant matches when i looked

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It looks like some of the fonts created with FontStruct and you will probably find something similar if not exact there. You could always create your own variation if not.

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how do i make a font any ways

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It looks like a mash-up, incorporating the E and S from Revue (http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/linotype/revue/revue/glyphs.html), and various mismatched letterforms from God-knows-where.

In any case, I’m reasonably certain it didn’t ship with Vista or Windows 7—although the last H-P I bought did come with a number of Ray Larabie’s and my freeware fonts pre-installed. I presume that the check is still in the mail…

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@seansk8er – You draw on your mind until you've drawn your mind away.

Longwinded way: You draw glyphs which you then combine into a typeface. You then work some arcane magic on the typeface until you have a working font, ready to install. For, as it was once said, "A font is a typeface with a hard hat on." And, yes, I'm leaving out some six cuckoozillion steps.

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