Help with version of Gill Sans

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This is from a Richard Long poster in an art gallery - does anyone know a matching version of Gill Sans - all of the versions I have are wider (most notably on the Ns and Ms)

can anyone help???

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Depending on how old your sample is, it may be Intertype’s San Serif No. 2, which is based on Gill Sans, but has a narrower M and N, and a somewhat straighter leg on the R.

I’m not aware of a digital version but, then, I’m not all that hep to this interweb stuff…

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Thanks, but still too wide (see below)

I tested out manually condensing to about 97% - that seems to match up the width (also see below).

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How about a close-up of an R. I’m still stumping for the Intertype clone…

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Is this an old document? Because the original Gill Sans (or even a previous-era clone of it) had optical scaling, and one thing that larger sizes would be is narrower. Ergo: you might not find a digital version of this.


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Nick, the samples are links to much bigger images:

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The join of the leg on the R is smooth in your sample, and definitely not in the Intertype face. The homogenized widths led me to believe that this might be a hot-metal face, but Linotype didn’t offer a Gill alternative, and I’m not hep to the scooby-doo about Ludlow.

In which case, I would have to agree with Hrant that it’s probably a predigital version, with the width finagled for the particular size of this font.

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