Pricing for use in software

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Please direct me to the appropriate thread if this topic already exists.

I was contacted by a company that wants to license my typeface for distribution in their software package. The typeface is currently available for free and has a very limited character support (caps only and no diacritics, but that doesn't seem to concern them).

How do I price something like this? What follow-up questions might I ask?

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Maybe you should move the thread over to General Discussions for better exposure.
Some threads you could be interested in:

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Thanks, Riccardo! I moved my thread. I'll read up on those topics.

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Ask about the scope of distribution. Recently, I was contacted by an individual about rights for securely embedding one of my fonts in an e-book. Illustrating the truth of ass·u·me, I assumed that this was a personal project which would have limited distribution. Only after I quoted my terms did I learn that said “individual” was working with NBC Universal. Oops...

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