THE KENT SPITFIRE - Gothic all UC, few identifiable chars :/

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I was primarily struggling to identify the font at the bottom of this logo (although matslof got it bang on ^^) and now I'm wondering if maybe a better match can be found than my approximate guess for the font used at the top of the logo.

The logo in question is here ("THE KENT SPITFIRE"):

My naked-eye research led me to but I wonder if it's not instead another one.

Thanks to anyone who gives it a shot :)

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Seems to be DIN Engschrift (Condensed), squooshed a bit.

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It is DIN Engschrift but it's not squezed.

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Amazing :D Thank you so much! (Identifying that "by eye" was ridiculous, I was relying on the K, P and S but they're not exactly ground-breaking in their design :) ).

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