Close Helvetica Neue alternative on Google Web Fonts

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Just wondering if anyone can please recommend a close alternative to Helvetica Neue on Google Web Fonts please? Open Sans seems close, but we're needing a fairly light (300) weight font, and we're wondering if there are any other alternatives you can recommend please?

Thank you.


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Helvetica should be available with the free plan at

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Different in detail, but at least it has a decent light cut:

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Thanks for pointing out that option Riccard0.

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Thanks Birdseeding - that is a good option.

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Why not use a Helvetica version that is free for everybody?
Like TeX Gyre Heros

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Does anyone know where I can purchase Helvetica neue 45 light web font format without paying subscription fees or pay per page view?

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MyFonts has pay-once web font licenses:

Edit: Ah, sorry, it seems like they are counting pageviews.

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Of course, there are open-source typefaces that closely resemble old Helvetica. Something so close that it's closer to Helvetica Neue than it is to Helvetica is perhaps not reasonable to hope for.

Incidentally, other than an imitation of Helvetica, or Arial - which is basically Monotype Grotesque altered to have the same metrics as Helvetica - or Akzidenz Grotesk (also known as Standard), or Mercator... I've just come across another typeface which, although not an imitation of Helvetica, would stand as a legitimate alternative to it.

I came across it when searching for more information about Egizio, as it is by the same designer - Forma.

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This list by Stephen Coles is good, these are not free alternatives but worth looking at regardless:

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