Gorgeous fashion editorial font - a didone? But which?

Dear Fellow Typophiles

I am hastily searching for the name of this gorgeous "p", as well as the body text (I assume this is not the same font family).

Where the "p" was found (samples of high fashion style fonts): http://brandrelevance.tumblr.com/post/3087015234/fashion-type

Any help would be most appreciated!

Kind regards

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I can't help with the ID, but IMO the bottom of the bowl of that p has some real problems as it transitions from the thick to the thin.

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Vogue France uses a custom design ‘Didone’. Might be by Hubert Jocham…

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Anybody know a typeface that is close to this and that is available for purchase?

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You would have more chances if you use the Edit link to move the thread up to the main Type ID Board.

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Thanks a million for the info so far - I'll move it to the main Type ID Board now.

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