Klouchebag ... Typophile Mostly Alright

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Klouchebag measures that asshattery of the Twitter realm.



We get a rating of 29 with a comment of Mostly Alright.


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Super: another excuse to peddle assumed and unsupported sentiments as expertise.

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I got a 10 ("quite a nice person").

Nick, I don't think it's meant to be taken seriously. More likely just meant to amuse Twitter users.

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More likely just meant to amuse Twitter users.

Nothing like setting the bar low…

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Whew - am I glad I don't have a Twitter account...


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It's meant to make fun of Klout – the website which tracks a person's online influence. Klout, however, is something that far too many people seem to take far too seriously.

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Klout's logo clearly betrays its Russian Mafia origins.


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