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The Biome superfamily has grown. I've managed to finish all the work on the full, originally-planned suite: Biome Narrow, Normal and Wide will be re-released in all 42 styles (7 weights plus italics, in all 3 widths) in early June.

Caveat: This release will see Biome taken under the wing of the Monotype/ITC label, so will become a product they handle. I've chosen to simplify things by taking the original Wide fonts off the market. The new ones are slightly improved, but there is a big difference:

The new fonts have a more conventional character set, and DO NOT include all the wacky alternate forms. It would have been more overwhelming than it already was, to consider including all those options and building out OT features for all 42 styles. The more conventional set was chosen as defaults, because it seems the range of possible uses grows even larger with this modification.

Meanwhile, for a few more weeks, the original Wides are still available. If those display alternates seem valuable, grab them now, before they go away. Maybe someday, if Biome is successful, I can consider producing all those alternates.

The new Wides won't have the alternates, but all the upcoming styles are fully-featured pro fonts, with small caps, various figure styles and ligatures.

Everything will be available on Monotype's many, many outlets! ;) For the first time since Makambo days, my work will be available on MyFonts....

I'm so relieved this project is nearly complete! Now to see about a nifty Biome gift item to celebrate.... Ideas?

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Congrats Carl! I think it's the most convincing typeface in this genre - quite nice to look at. And I'm glad this one only took six years. ;-)

BTW, I just found that awesome ILT piece on the development*. It's cool that Frutiger's pebble letters (is that what he called them?) actually served as usable inspiration to somebody. And I hope you can splice the funky stuff back in one day.


Gift item? Pillows. But not like the House stuff, I mean shaped like the actual letters, from the Ultra weight.


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The swap is complete. I don't see products at MyFonts yet, but other outlets have the whole schmeer. Linotype has a special freebie if you sign up for their newsletter.

I also discovered that you can try out a few of the styles in the Web Fonts preview tool. Try it on a site that is normally very staid, or one that is normally decorative and frilly. This tool is fun and helpful at the same time.

Hrant, your idea of pillows is excellent and perfect! I wish that ovoid shape were something easily sourced. I like the idea of a series of colorful blob letters as pillows on a sofa.

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Maybe the company that makes this freaky thing:


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That's gotta be the saddest pillow ever.

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I have seen these, and they look very creepy just sitting by themselves. Is it worse, or better than a body pillow with a face on it? I did find a medical supply company with an oval pillow. They imprint it with liver and stomach diagrams.....

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Carl, did you ever get any pillows made?


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