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this is a logotype ive come up with for a italian pizza shack."pizzeria" is the name.

please comment.


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Well, your type and color choices fit with the whole pizzeria look.

What do you know about the company? Is there anything that makes it different than other pizza shacks? Is there a way to represent that in the logo?

Or, is it just a pizza shop and it does not need to stand out in any way? I am guessing with a name like 'pizzeria' that the owner is not too wound up on branding and positioning.

Logo looks clean and competent. I just wonder if more could be communicated, but can't say without understanding more about the company.

Hope that is helpful.


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I don't see anything. Did you upload a CMYK file? (It needs to be RGB for everyone to see it.)

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me don't see it either.
I saw this post a while ago though i believe mods got rid of the pic or sumthin'? O_o
</endstreettalk> :-)

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it is definitely well-drawn. but i would try more color choices. using the generic pizza red and green make your logo less powerful.

with a name like "pizzeria" it's generic enough. i think you should make them more unique.

also, please post a smaller image next time.

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I can't see it either.

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I think it is very generic - however I think that is what makes this a hoot! I would love an old faded t-shirt with that logo on it. I actually think that by totally playing into stereotype which I believe is intentional that you actually ad a sense of hip to it. I totally dig it - I just hope all the branding is as "hole in the wall pizza joint" as it can be to make the atmosphere excellent. I actually also could see this being somewhat high end. Its one of those that kinda wraps all the way back around and works for the other crowd kinda thing. So in that respect I think that it is very tongue in cheek. If all of that is the aim - I love it. If not... um... I do like the typeface.

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thanks fellas for the reply.. sorry for the late response. ya the pizza shack just opened recently and im working on the branding as well. this place has a lounge atmosphere and interior is designed in more of a lounge/beach feel. ive want the logo to be easily readable and easy to relate to pizza(italian) thats why i chose the classic red n green. the type was selected to give it a bit of proper but yet a classical feel.
please comment more. thanks

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Okay, will try that again.

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da'heck! never a prompt to upload image.

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