Font suggestions?

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I have an idea of the font's I want to use but are wondering if there are any other options out there that may be better. The font I like for this particular project is Kristen ITC ( However for the "k" character I specifically need it to have a flat hump and then branch upwards. The only font I found that is like this is Planet Estyle (

Other than just taking the "k" from the one font and joining it to the other, does anybody know of any other fonts that could potentially work for this? This is my first post here so I'm not sure what other information is needed - just let me know.

Thanks in advance!

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You might try looking at some Cyrillic fonts, the “ka” character is often more like what you want than the Latin.

Search for “Cyrillic” at MyFonts/FontShop/whatever, and look at the full character showing.

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It’s pretty difficult that an handwriting font like Kristen will have a similar construction. And unfortunately, if you need the lowercase k, Nick’s clever suggestion wouldn’t work (Cyrillic к lacks an ascender).
If using a different style of font isn’t a problem, there are more possibilities. What’s the project about?

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The R in this particular font could be repurposed according to your specs. Additionally, it's got a similar vibe to Kristen ITC...

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