Allgemeine Zeitung

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I love the design of this newpaper. Todays front page image might be of interest to typophiles.

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In order to get a google translation of the caption, I copied/pasted some of the text. I then noted that there are no spaces in the text - it seems that all of the letters at the ends of words a spaced with extra wide right shoulders. Anybody know why?

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To prevent copy-pasting? If so: clever!


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To prevent copy-pasting?

Or maybe to prevent indicisation. If so, maybe not so clever.
But I would assume that such a large newspaper use a proprietary layout and program which handles wordspacing differently than standard DTP. So, when producing a PDF, it will look OK in screen and print, but upon copy, wordspaces will disappear (just like linebreaks do in any PDF).
Talk about long German words! ;-)

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C&P works for me from that PDF.

Holy Scripture – Muslims have a different, if any, sense of humour than the Western mainstream. But usually they have no sense of humour – and they they don't even need to be Salafists for that – when it comes to the Quran. Whether this has to do with the so-called modernization deficits that the disenchanted and religiously only scantily clad West likes to attribute to the Islam? Who can tell? Anyway this graceful calligraphic double page from a 12th Century Seljuk Qur'an manuscript is at least aesthetically pleasing.

After translating it I'm still not sure what they're trying to say.

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Germans – don’t be afraid of Muslims. Can people who have done such beautiful calligraphy be evil?
Not being able to read this script the look is just about the aesthetics of the Holy Quran, forgetting that the mediaeval bibles were pleasing for the eye, too. Which didn’t hold the Christians back from slaughtering other people. It’s a rather stupid argument in the current debate in Germany about the Salafists giving away thousands of Qurans in public. To me it just mirrors the suffering quality of this influental newspaper. Its design also was much better years before. Now they have to put a pleasing picture on the front page, no matter what. (For non-Germans: FAZ was one of the very few newspapers that had a very strong visual identity by being purely typographic – not a single picture on the front page. Times are changing. The Salafists are in the news now everywhere, so let’s show a nice picture of some islamic calligraphy.) I’m not afraid of the Salafists, nor of the Quran. Maybe some really interesting news were out. No news is bad news. Let’s write just something to be up to date in a nonsense debate …

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Good point(s). The Nazi swastika design for example was brilliant on many levels. But look what happened...


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To prevent copy-pasting? If so: clever!


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