Experienced designers/printers wanted

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Dear Typophiles,
As part of a research — I would like to conduct an interview with current designers or printers experienced in the field before DTP; who would be willing to share their invaluable knowledge. If this interests you contact me through Typophile or send an email at sevag@typeaffair.com. Thank you for your time and kindness.

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This sounds like an excellent opportunity to regale young whippersnappers with stories of metaphoric five-mile-walks-through-snow, as well as bit of practical but obsolete wisdom—like storing X-acto knives in the toolholder business-end-down…

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> obsolete wisdom— like storing X-acto knives…

Hey, I still use an X-acto. Not for cutting rubylith or type galleys anymore, but for trimming out mockups and that sort of thing.

But I agree that you've got to be careful; those suckers are sharp! In college a friend of mine would carry one around in his shirt pocket (point up with no cap on it), which always seemed dangerous to me.

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I had a bad habit of sometimes placing my X-acto behind my ear, as I would with a pencil. (Kids, do not try this at home.)

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