The Crazy Ones—Typeface Challenge

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Hi team,

I am a big fan of this poster by Jared McDaniel:
concerning one of our favorite people.

Now, I can name a few of the typefaces used in the poster, but I am missing many.
I'd greatly appreciate your contributions in naming as many as you can.

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This quote is not by Steve Jobs.

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To the people who matter (the ones spending the money on gadgets) that's irrelevant.


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Retro isn’t crazy and non-conformist, it’s safe and unimaginative.
That applies to type design, poster design, and copywriting.
This kind of wordy inspirational poster is a fashionable trope.
I have nothing against careful and precise typography, and retro can occasionally push the envelope, but in this case the message and the medium contradict one another.

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Forbes magazine has an interesting article by Rob Siltanen. He was the creative director at TBWA/Chiat/Day and was deeply involved in the "think different" ad, and he was says that much of the folklore about the ad is wrong.

Steve Jobs didn't come up with the concept. and in fact he initially rejected it. He told the agency "“This is great … but I can’t do this. People already think I’m an egotist, and putting the Apple logo up there with all these geniuses will get me skewered by the press.”

However Steve changed his mind about the ad and become involved in the fine-tuning of the concept.

And Ken Segal has a short article about the voiceover in the commercial. The agency auditioned a number of actors and Richard Dryfuss was eventually chosen, but believe it or not Steve Jobs asked them to audition comedian Phyllis Diller. She seemed an unlikely choice, but Steve knew her because she'd done voiceover work for Pixar.

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Perhaps some of them are fully custom fonts? Awesome typography!

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Who is the source of the quote?

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Who is the source of the quote?


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Well, yes, the Forbes link James posted actually tells the whole story. Sounds like Rob Siltanen is probably the best source of the quote, with involvement of Jobs and others. I guess I was trying to say, "Don't just tell us so-and-so isn't the source; tell us the real source!"

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That is just an ad. It isnt a quote by someone.

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