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My name is Alice and I am currently organising a community design/language project called Make A Meaning. Make A Meaning is a growing collection of postcards communicating new meanings for extinct English words. Anybody and everybody can take part, from children to designers to grannies. The project offers obsolete but expressive, brilliant-sounding words to people who coin new definitions for them on one side of a postcard – they may describe a pet hate, a particular habit, situation, smell, etc.

I am still working on the website, but if anyone on Typophile would like to take part and make a meaning, please email for a word and instructions!


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This is not what you wanted:

Trying to tie this to typefaces, I would say that if the Thorn and the Eth letterforms are one day re-introduced to English, I hope they take on their original -and much needed- sounds instead of newly invented ones. (Not that we don't need more symbols for poorly supported sounds.)

Concepts don't go extinct, they just go dormant.
Make entirely new words!

That said, it's always nice to see a preoccupation with language.


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Eftsoons, adv.
Original Meaning: Soon after
New Meaning: What happens in most porno films.

Embrangelement, n.
Original Meaning: Perplexity
New Meaning: An inordinate interest in Mr Pitt and Ms Jolie.

Janglesome, adj.
Original Meaning: Quarrelsome
New Meaning: To be overburdened with bling.

Spuddle, v.i.
Original Meaning: To make a big fuss over a trivial job.
New Meaning: To ask “You want fries with that?”

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Thanks oldnick, these are great!

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Thanks for the link, really interesting stuff! :-) Also, I like the idea of concepts becoming dormant, rather than extinct so thanks for the post!

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